The IOB offers its oncology services in four locations:
 Barcelona Quironsalud Hospital
 Barcelona Quironsalud El Pilar Hospital
 Madrid Ruber International Hospital
 Madrid Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital Complex

Each centre has a space for outpatient consultations, outpatient consultations, blood extraction area, radiotherapy, oncology pharmacy, supplementary services, administrative area and resting area.

Our goal is for the patient to feel at ease and comfortable at all times.

 Comfort, privacy and wellness. Three features that define the distribution of each space.

Except for the radiotherapy area, which is isolated and protected for safety reasons, all departments are in the same environment. This way, patients avoid annoying trips and the IOB staff can do their work more efficiently.

At IOB we defend maximum closeness between patient and doctor. That is why, in patient examination boxes there are no tables separating them: a good communication between both is vital.

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