Worldwide leaders against cancer

Curing cancer is our raison d’être. Since 1998 we have faced this challenge with the best oncologists in the world.

The Baselga Oncological Institute was founded by Dr. Josep Baselga and Dr. Josep Tabernero.

 IOB has taken as reference successful models from countries such as the United States and has become, in turn, a benchmark centre.

From a medical point of view, IOB is led by:

Josep Tabernero. He leads the IOB medical team in Barcelona. President of the European Society of Oncological Medicine. He is the head of the gastrointestinal cancer unit and is Medical Director of IOB

Javier Cortés. He leads the IOB medical team in Madrid. Responsible for the development of numerous medicines against breast cancer. Head of the breast cancer unit.

Our oncologists publish in the most prestigious scientific journals, develop pioneering research and lead the most important oncological associations worldwide. Of course, always taking the patient as the epicentre of all their work.

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