Prevention and early detection unit

The Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Unit of the Baselga Oncology Institute (IOB) provides guidance to people who suspect that in their families there is a particularly high risk of suffering some type of cancer due to hereditary reasons. Likewise, it guides people who have non-hereditary cancer risk factors and who wish to learn about prevention and early detection measures.

 Genetic analysis, usually through a blood sample, can detect the hereditary risk of developing some types of cancer.

It also allows to identify those in the family who are at high risk, so that they can take preventive measures or early detection. Meanwhile, it allows identifying those who have not inherited the genetic alteration that increases the risk of cancer, so that they do not have to do a specific follow-up.

When a person’s study rules out the risk of known hereditary cancer in their family, the results are useful for reassuring those who feared being carriers of a genetic disorder related to cancer.

Most people who come to the Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Unit are cancer patients who want to find out if their family members may have a high risk of developing the same disease, or if they are themselves predisposed to develop a second Cancer. The unit also cares for healthy people who have a history of cancer in their families and want to find out if they, or another family member, may be at high risk.

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