Haematology Unit

The Haematology Unit at IOB serves patients over 16 years of age who have been diagnosed with blood diseases. Of these, the most relevant ones, given the number of people affected, are lymphomas and chronic leukaemia. The Haematology Unit is also specialised in the treatment of less frequent blood cancers such as myeloma and acute leukaemia. Paediatric haematological cancers (up to 16 years) are referred to centres specialising in this type of patients, where they can be treated in paediatric units.

Like other IOB units, the Haematology Unit also offers a second opinion service to patients who are treated by haematologists from other centres.
On the other hand, the Haematology Unit at IOB is the Haematology service of Quirón Hospital, so it also treats non-oncological blood disorders, including anaemia, platelet alterations and coagulation disorders, especially cases related to pregnancy problems and repeat abortions.

Patients treated at the Haematology Unit are treated by a multidisciplinary team consisting of haematologists, radiotherapists, internists, anatomic pathologists, specialists in radiology and nuclear medicine, and specialised cancer nursing staff. Likewise, IOB offers psychological or psychiatric care to patients in need of it, advice from nutrition specialists and complementary medicine treatments such as acupuncture and hypnosis to treat anxiety and pain.

This multidisciplinary team makes it easier for patients to undergo all the tests and receive all the treatments they need in a coordinated way in the same place and in as little time as possible, without the need to travel and visit different specialists separately. The team is led by haematologists Francesc Bosch and Armando López-Guillermo, and is also made up of doctors Eva Giné and Joan Carles Reverter.


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