Our organisation always advises patients to send us all the relevant medical information related to their cancer in advance: CT, PET CAT, Mammography, MRI, medical reports, surgical reports, biopsy results, etc. If you have undergone any kind of surgery related to cancer, it is always advisable to have the samples of the tumour tissue that were removed to review and verify the diagnosis with our reference pathologists.

All information will be valued by our medical professionals, who will give an orientation of the following steps to follow. In turn, they will issue a recommendation on the suitability, or not, of carrying out any type of transfer.

If you initially only need a second medical opinion, our medical professionals will issue a recommendation, if necessary, about the need for additional testing. With the current technological advances, we very frequently make visits by videoconference.

 Once we have all the necessary information, a face-to-face or online appointment will be scheduled

In all cases, our team will work with the patient, or the person delegated, on all aspects related to treatment costs, communication with the embassy for visas, communication with insurance companies, management of special medical transportation needs, etc.

المركز الدولي للمرضى.

Non-Healthcare aspects

Our staff will help you coordinate matters such as:
• Accommodation
• Religious needs
• Transportation: Airport, hotel, hospital
• Interpretation and translation services
• Restaurant reservations and information
• Documentation for visas
• Any aspect related to the city and the patient’s companions.

 We do everything we can so that our patients only have to worry about their health, treatment and recovery

We are entirely at your service so that your visit to the Oncology Institute (IOB) becomes an experience that is as positive as possible for all those who unfortunately have to face a disease such as cancer.


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