Clinical Nursing

From the nursing team, our commitment is to help and accompany in all phases of the disease, both the patient and their relatives or companions. We contribute, to the extent of our possibilities, to reduce the impact that the diagnosis and / or treatment may cause.

 Our main and essential function is to accompany them by offering safety and trust throughout the process of their disease, since we know that emotional support plays an essential role in the process of improvement.

We work in parallel with your oncologist in following up your disease and we care for your well-being.

In case of starting a treatment, we previously make a nursing visit where we give health education to be able to face their new situation as easily as possible.
We inform about the type of treatment, side effects and how to handle them, we provide them with contact telephone numbers and supplementary services that they may need. We contact you by telephone to know the level of tolerance, symptoms and doubts that may arise once the treatment is initiated.

Our follow-up helps us to make a correct assessment of your condition and thus be able to detect your needs at all times, both physically and emotionally. If required, we will refer you to our Continuing Care Unit or other departments.

We work in collaboration with the rest of the team of professionals that make up the Oncological Institute (IOB), giving support and information.

As a multidisciplinary team we are the link between the different IOB departments.

The clinical nursing team is in direct contact with the Outpatient Consultations team so as to keep a strict follow-up. Our hope is that your time at IOB is as comfortable and positive as posible.


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