Costumer care

As soon as you contact the Oncology Institute (IOB) for the first time, you will be targeted to our Patient Care Department. To request a first visit, or a second opinion, you can contact us by telephone, in person or through a digital platform.

We will talk with you so that you can explain your medical case and your situation. And from this first contact, your case will be assessed in a personalised way. In addition, you will be assigned an oncologist who specialises in your pathology, so that you have a contact person in the centre’s Patient Care Department for any questions or clarification you may require.

This department prepares the first visit, for which your medical file is normally requested regarding your suspicion or diagnosis of cancer, informing you and accompanying you in such a critical time as this.

If you need any other type of logistical support such as hotel, taxis, etc., we will make the necessary arrangements.

 At IOB we focus on patient closeness and service, and we want to provide the necessary comfort so that your experience at our institution is as pleasant as posible.


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