Oncohematology Outpatient consultations

The IOB Outpatient Consultations is a healthcare service located in the same centre that offers specialised care and administration of treatments on an outpatient basis. Patients go there mainly to receive chemotherapy, immunotherapy and support treatments. In parallel, blood extractions and channelling of venous accesses are also carried out.

 Outpatient Consultations also has a Continuing Care unit, where emergencies of the oncological process are cared for, whether they are the result of the treatment or of the disease itself.

It has a multidisciplinary team consisting of:
 Specialised Medical Physicians
 Nurses trained to administer cytostatic and ambulatory treatment to oncohaematological patients.
 Assistants and administrative staff

They work in coordination with different departments: external consultations, clinical analysis laboratory, radiology department, oncology pharmacy, etc.

What does the Outpatient Consultations have?

The Outpatient Consultations has an extractions room with three armchairs, a clinical trials consultation room, individual boxes, some of which have folding armchairs and others have beds.

All boxes have a television, free WiFi connection and space for a companion. We also have daily newspapers, magazines and books available in our library.

How do we work?

The treatments are scheduled by our programming department, which calls the patient by telephone to make an appointment, and agree on a date and time.

When patients arrive at the Oncology Institute (IOB), they must go to reception, where they will make the ambulatory admission for the treatment or they will ask for the analytical request prior to the treatment or medical visit.
Upon arrival at the Outpatient Consultations, patients will be placed in one box or the other depending on the type of treatment or general condition, their vital signs will be taken, and treatment will be administered.

 To ensure quality, safe and personalised care, all medications are labelled with the patients’ name and this will always be checked by the nurse before administering them.

The medications are administered by means of infusion pumps that help to administer the medication in a controlled and safe way.

Each treatment is individualised, the duration of which depends on the chemotherapy schedule prescribed by your oncologist or haematologist.

During the infusion of the medication you should not feel anything special, but if at any time the patient feels a strange sensation, you should notify the nurse as soon as possible. She will assess your status and follow the established protocol according to the circumstance.

 There is a doctor on duty in case of any emergency arising from the treatment,
In the same way, in case of doubt, patients can consult this during their stay.

The Continuing Care Unit of the Oncological Institute (IOB) provides urgent outpatient consultation arising at any time to external cancer patients. Also to those who are receiving chemotherapy treatment in the Outpatient Consultations, who can be administered support and palliative care when necessary.


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