Our essence at the Oncological Institute (IOB) is to consider patient as what they are, persons. Individuals who, faced with a serious diagnosis, have seen how their life has changed radically in just one second and who are presented with a series of worries and anxieties that naturally converge in the desire to overcome cancer.

But it is not only the medical team that stands at levels of excellence. Their work would not be the same without the IOB team of top-level management and nursing professionals. They are sensitive to the situation resulting from a patient who lives with cancer. The consideration of different points of view is very important when facing the process that both this disease and its treatment require.

Different sessions are held weekly with specialists, where all cases are discussed, with different medical criteria and treatment proposals.

The Oncology Institute (IOB) has centres in Madrid and Barcelona
 In Madrid, at the Ruber International Oncology Department and the Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital Complex.

 In Barcelona, at the Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona Oncology Department and the Quironsalud El Pilar Hospital.

 IOB has an optional panel with some of the most renowned medical doctors worldwide in their respective areas. “It’s a real talent pool”, says Josep Baselga.


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