The term cancer encompasses a series of diseases that have as a common feature the uncontrolled growth of a cell or group of cells. A fact that causes these cells to end up escaping control of the mechanisms that our body has arranged for such situations. Depending on the cell or organ of origin, it will be referred to as cancer, so we thus speak of breast or colon cancer, for example. Sometimes, these cancer cells acquire the ability to spread to organs other than their organs of origin and do so by travelling through the blood or lymphatic vessels, causing what we call metastasis.
The origin of these alterations can be hereditary, environmental (pollution, certain chemical products, etc.) and sometimes they can be associated with chronic infections. In short, it is a process where multiple factors intervene. Some of them are modifiable through our behaviours and lifestyles, while others are not.
Cancer is a process that in most cases is linked to the ageing of the population, hence the increase in the incidence of cases occurring in our environment: 215,534 in Spain in 2012, and some 246,713 being calculated for 2020.

In our environment, the most frequent tumours are:

 colon (32,240 cases 2012)
 prostate (27,853 cases 2012)
 lung (26,715 cases 2012)
 breast (25,125 cases in 2012)
 bladder (13,789 cases 2012)


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