There are no studies that determine exactly what are the direct causes of the onset of the disease. The onset of cancer is multicausal. There are known factors that protect us from cancer and factors that may favour its appearance.

Among the factors that protect us are:

 Healthy diet
 Physical exercise
 Breastfeeding (protective factor for the mother in the case of breast cancer)

Among the risk factors we find:

 Age
 Alcohol
 Obesity
 Hormone therapies
 Chronic inflammation
 Immunosuppression
 Sunlight
 Radiation
 Tobacco
 Infectious germs

Certain factors, such as family history, may increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

If you have a history of cancer in your family, our Genetic Counselling Unit can provide you with information about hereditary cancer and genetics.This area is very specialised and consists of professionals who can attempt to minimise the risk of developing cancer. A complete medical assessment of a person’s personal and family history is made in the unit to estimate the likelihood of a genetic-hereditary risk factor and to assess the suitability of performing a cancer susceptibility gene analysis.

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