Experts in overcoming cancer

IOB Oncology Institute offers a multidisciplinary approach for different treatments, which implies that the patient has a full team of specialists at his or her side throughout the process. From highly qualified doctors to trained and empathetic nurses. IOB team members combat cancer together to ensure that the best is being done to treat each of our patients.The confluence of different points of view is very important when dealing with a disease and its treatment. That is why our approach includes discussing each case in multidisciplinary clinical sessions, where after the integration of the different points of view of each expert, a therapeutic plan adapted to each patient is designed.

In addition, other aspects that can influence the adequate response against the disease cannot be forgotten when combating cancer. Therefore, IOB has created a structure of departments for patients that include a Patient Care Department, an International Department, a Continuing Care Unit and a whole series of Supplementary Departments, including Psycho-oncology, Oncology Psychiatry, Acupuncture, Nutrition and even Aesthetic counselling.

 IOB Institute team consists of world-class medical doctors, recognised worldwide in research

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