How to act against cancer? Accurate Diagnosis

As soon as a strange symptom is detected, it is important to act well. The first step should be to contact your specialist doctor (urologist, gynaecologist, etc.) for an adequate confirmation of the suspicion and diagnostic orientation.

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Then, you shall go to a cancer centre for an accurate diagnosis. All necessary diagnostic means must be used to be able to clearly outline the type of tumour and its scope.

The usual means are:

 Tumour markers
 X-rays
 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
 Scanner
 Ultrasound
 Scintigraphy
 Histopathology

In addition to the above, there are also so-called biomarkers of response to certain treatments. In many cases, this involves determining the existence of alterations in the DNA sequence (mutations) or of certain proteins in the cancer cell. Determining these biomarkers is critical, since the decision of a certain treatment and the prediction of a response to it will be based on the positive or negative result of said test.  Our researchers have been pioneers in the use of predictive tools for responding to cancer treatment.

These are the most known biomarkers:

 Her2 for Breast Cancer and Gastric Cancer
 EGFR for Lung Cancer
 KRAS for Colon Cancer
 ALK for Lung Cancer
 BRAF for Melanoma
 BRCA for Ovarian Cancer

At present, there are also others being developed with their corresponding associated therapies which are being assessed in clinical trials. During your treatment, your doctor may ask you for some of these new determinations to know if you could benefit from any of these therapies in a clinical trial.
It is essential to know the tumour well to design the best customised therapeutic plan.
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