How to detect it? Early detection

The symptomatology of each type of cancer varies depending on its location and extension. It must be borne in mind that, in some cases, it may even be asymptomatic. It is also possible that its symptoms are confused with those of other pathologies. The important thing is that in the event of any unusual symptom you visit a specialist or call us. It is necessary to follow an appropriate diagnostic process to give us an early diagnosis as soon as possible, which is key to achieving the objective of curing the disease.

Even in cases of high prevalence tumours there are population programmes designed to enable early detection (breast, colon, prostate cancers, etc.) based on easily applied tests. In addition, we have the capacity to replicate them if necessary. In other cases, appropriate attention to warning signs or suspicion is paramount.

 Early diagnosis of the disease is critical and crucial to achieve the goal

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