Individualised treatment

The choice of treatment is defined by the correct diagnosis of the disease. Cancer treatment is a complex process that requires multiple medical professionals who must work in a coordinated manner to achieve the ultimate goal of curing the patient.In addition, each type of cancer requires a different treatment, so it is important to work with good professionals supported by multidisciplinary committees.

Each decision must be made considering the opinion of all the medical specialists who will be involved in that treatment.The oncologists of the IOB lead these committees in which surgeons, radiologists, doctors of different specialities, radiation oncologists, etc. participate, depending on the type of pathology. We value your physical condition, your pathology, your emotional state and even your personal situation. We cover all areas that may affect you and actively participate in your improvement or cure.

In addition to the usual treatments, we can propose that the patient participates in a clinical trial, that is, studies in which the efficacy and safety of a new treatment are tested.

 At IOB we personalise your treatment

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