Facing a cancer diagnosis is not easy. It is an unexpected change in life that affects one both physically and emotionally.
This guide gives details of the Baselga Oncology Institute (IOB) experience and of what benefits you can get if you come to our centre, with is a benchmark in oncology.

 Being in the hands of a team of experienced and recognised oncologists, receiving global care and feeling in a friendly environment makes the path much more bearable

Request the first visit

You can request through the channel of your choice:
• Calling by telephone.
• Requesting an appointment from this website.
• Going personally to any of our centres.

You will be assisted by a person from the Patient Care Department and she will accompany you during this first stage.

Our team knows the impact caused by a cancer diagnosis, and is prepared to be able to answer most of your doubts, analyse your case in a personalised way and refer you to the most appropriate specialist.

You will also be informed of the steps to follow, the documentation you must bring on the first visit and how to get to IOB.

It is very likely that your health insurer or mutual insurance company can cover the treatment since. IOB has collaboration agreements with most insurance companies. If you wish, we can handle the entire process with the insurance company on your behalf and thus prevent you from going through any inconvenience caused by this type of procedure. If you do not have an insurer or if it does not cover the cost, we will help you find a solution.

The preparation

With a cancer diagnosis, it is normal to act hastily and prematurely.

The key to our doctors being able to make a correct diagnosis is to have all the medical information. Each type of cancer requires specific documentation and that is what the health care staff will explain and help you gather in order to prepare your first visit.

Our team of oncologists is subspecialised in all types of cancer. That is, each professional deals with a specific pathology. For example, the breast cancer expert handles breasts but not colon. The professional dealing with your case will be a specialist in your specific type of cancer. Even so, our professionals exchange opinions and discuss cases to guarantee the suitability of the therapeutic decisions that are made.

The medical team is composed of highest-level professionals who will handle your case in thoroughly and with a high self-demand level. Sharing views with the rest of the team or even with other specialists.

 At IOB we believe that the most important thing is not to start as soon as possible, but to start with a good diagnosis to design the most effective treatment for you

The first visit

The day you meet your doctor and the clinical nurses (who will support you throughout the entire process) you will see for yourself how important it is for us that the patient feels accompanied, supported and comfortable.

We will support you and accompany you all along the way. We will take care of you so that your experience at IOB is as pleasant as possible in such a complicated situation.

The members of the medical team assigned to you will be specialists in your particular type of cancer and will work together to provide you with the best possible treatment. We always encourage our patients to bring a list with all their concerns and questions on the first visit.

 We will try to help you, solve your doubts and give you support at all times

Write your phone number and we will call you