Beyond the oncological treatment

IOB is recognised at European level for its advanced oncological treatments, for leading many of the scientific advances and for offering the patient comprehensive healthcare.

The “integrative oncology” unit is made available to you to make you feel better both physically and emotionally.

It tackles the disease from all sides, even with the help of the most effective medicines and complementary therapies.

This way, we can guarantee the global care of the patient to reduce their anxiety, improve the control of possible adverse effects and promote their sensation of well-being.

Always under the supervision of the oncologist, who from a comprehensive vision and through teamwork can direct and follow directly from the conventional consultation.

 Psycho-Oncology and Psychiatry

The diagnosis of cancer triggers a torrent of fears, anguish, stress and worries. The team of specialists in psychology will help both the patient and their family members and caregivers with advice and strategies at all times during the process to confront and control the emotional pressure that these situations trigger.

 Aesthetic counselling

We will provide counsel for treating hair loss caused by chemotherapy, including the aesthetic complements that you need and skin hydration.


In a cancer process, changes in appetite cause weight loss. The team of nutritionists will design a personalised diet to improve your digestive health and regulate your eating habits.

 Acupuncture

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends acupuncture as an alternative therapy to relieve both acute and chronic physical pain. Also, by not having to ingest medications, it is also consolidated as an option in the treatment of psycho-emotional symptoms.


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