The treatment and next visits

After the first visit, the oncologist, supported by other medical professionals, will design the most appropriate treatment plan for your type of cancer. The plan may include one or more of the following types of treatments:
 Chemotherapy
 Immunotherapy
 Targeted therapy
 Hormonal therapy
 Surgery
 Radiotherapy

If it is a combination of therapies, the order in which they are planned and applied being very important. In all cases, the plan includes diagnostic tests that help the oncologist know the effectiveness of the treatment.

In addition, we can also accompany our patients when they have motherhood in mind. In this sense, we contemplate treatments such as the preservation of ovules. Always to facilitate and keep active all options.

You do not need to worry about requesting the next visits or prescribed diagnostic tests, nor about collecting the results. All of this is handled by our team of nurses and administration staff who work together to ensure your well-being and make the process as easy as possible for you.

Your clinical nurse will contact you regularly to track your health status, help answer all your queries and inform you about all the aspects derived from your treatment.

During the whole process, if you are not well or have any emergency, you can call our Continuing Care Unit (UCC) or go directly to IOB without an appointment. You will always be assisted by our doctors on duty. And you will always have the support of your reference nurse, who will help you interpret your symptoms and transmit them to your oncologist.


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