Dra. Wen-Hsiu Hu Wen

Dra. Wen-Hsiu Hu Wen

Through the incorporation of Acupuncture in Oncology, it guarantees a very favorable improvement in all possible side effects caused by conventional treatment, offering a solid base to patients to be able to finish their treatment with a better state of mind and body.

She considers the psychosomatic aspect as a factor in the development and progress of physical and energetic imbalances, and at the same time grants a very considerable importance to eating habits and routine habits as the fundamental basis of health. She practices medicine from a holistic, broad-vision approach, treating the person as a whole entity and not the disease as an isolated event.

  • Doctor in Chinese Medicine specialized in acupuncture who collaborates since 2008 with the IOB-Institute of Oncology, Hospital Quirón Barcelona.


Master in Oncology from the Traditional Chinese Medicine National University of Yunnan, she has been trained both in China and in Spain, with native professors of Traditional Chinese Medicine University in Beijing and Yunnan.


  • successful experiences in areas such as infertility, reproductive and urinary system, digestive system, as a complementing treatment in trauma and muscle disease, gynecology and emotional disorders such as insomnia, anxiety and depression, among others. 
  • has her own clinic and is exclusively dedicated to Chinese Medicine.
  • actively participating in divulgation and integration of Chinese medicine through talks and conferences, the last participations as a speaker have been the 4th Spanish Breast Congress in 2019, Madrid and 1st International Classical Chinese Medicine Congress 2018 in Besalú, Girona.
  • participation in radio and television programs.


Author of multiple publications of articles on Chinese medicine and health in magazines such as CuerpoMente and Integral among others and through various media both with interviews in newspapers and magazines.


  • Teacher of Chinese medicine at the Escuela Superior de MTC in Barcelona and Valencia.
  • Has also given seminars on Childish Tui Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage) in Barcelona and Lyon.
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