We go along with you in every step of the process

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is not easy. It is an unexpected change in life that affects the patient and his family physically and emotionally.

Our team knows the impact that a cancer diagnosis generates, for this reason, we are prepared to give an answer to the most of your questions, analyse your case in a personalized way and refer you to the most appropriate specialist.

Our experience with patients has taught us that knowing what will come in each moment helps to be more serene and face each step.

In this ‘process’ that we will go along together, we explain you how the IOB works and how we can help you.

1. First contact

You can request a 1st visit or a 2nd opinion through the form you will find in the web, by calling our phone numbers or at our centers.


2. Patient care department

The patient care department will schedule the 1st visit or the 2nd opinion consultation. In addition, it will help you with all the procedures and authorizations with your insurance carrier.


3. First visit

In the first visit, the specialised oncologist and a clinical nurse will attend you, who will be your contact for everything you need.
Each case will be discussed within the tumor committee, made up of a multidisciplinary team.


4. Sheduling

The scheduling department will coordinate all your follow-up visits.
Our team of oncologists is subspecialized in all types of cancer and made up of professionals of the highest level.


5. Treatment

The oncologist, supported by other professionals, will design the most appropriate treatment plan for the cancer diagnosticated.

– Day hospital (More info →)
– Oncologic pharmacy
– Continuos care (More info →)
– Oncologic emmergencies


6. Follow-up visits

We take care of the coordinating services and we plan all the required appointments by our oncologists, and the request of the necessary authorizations on their behalf.


7. Complementary treatments

To make you feel better both physically and emotionally, we offer you several specialties.

– Oncologic nutrition
– Psico-oncology
– Oncological psychiatry
– Acupuncture
– Hair loss prevention and aesthetics


More resources

We are here to help you

Here you will find interesting resources, videos, tips, recommendations from our professionals as well as from other patients.

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