Gynecologic Cancer Unit

Gynecologic Cancer Unit

The Gynecologic Cancer Unit of IOB attends to patients diagnosed with tumors that affect the female reproductive system, which includes endometrial cancer (also known as cancer of the womb or cancer of the uterus), cervical cancer (also known as cancer of the neck of the womb) and ovarian cancer.

Most of the patients who come into this unit have previously been diagnosed by a gynecologist who referred them to IOB so they could be cared for by a team specialized in the treatment of gynecological cancer. 

Just like the other units of IOB, the Gynecological Cancer Unit offers a service for (of) second opinions for patients treated by specialists at other centers.

The patients treated in the Gynecological Cancer Unit are attended to by a multidisciplinary team made up of oncologists, gynecologists, surgeons, anatomical pathologists, specialists in radiology and nuclear medicine and nursing staff specialized in cancer.

Furthermore, IOB offers psychological and psychiatric attention for patients who need it, as well as specialists in nutrition and oriental medicine such as acupuncture and hypnosis for the treatment of anxiety and pain.

This multidisciplinary team makes it easier for patients to be able to undergo all the tests and receive all the treatments that they need in a coordinated manner in the same location and in the shortest amount of time, without the need to travel to different centers and separately manage visits to different specialists.

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