International Patient

Being aware of the complex situation stemming from the oncological process and the impact it involves, the International Patient Attention Department seeks to take care of patients from other countries and different cultures.

We help you resolve all of those aspects related with both healthcare and non-healthcare related issues that a foreign patient may have when contacting IOB, and also to help you decide which of our centers best meets their needs.

We do everything we can so that our patients only need to worry about their own health, treatment and recovery.



  • A review beforehand of all the previous information regarding your cancer: CAT, PET-CT, Mammography, MRI, medical reports, surgical reports, biopsy results, etc.
  • Assessment of the information by our professional doctors, who will then indicate the next steps to take.
  • Scheduling of an in-person appointment or an online appointment via videoconferencing.
  • Treatment proposal, as well as the aspects related to the treatment costs, communication with the insurance companies, etc.


Our staff will help you coordinate issues such as:

  • Lodgings.
  • Religious requirements.
  • Transportation: airport, hotel, hospital.
  • Interpretation and translation services.
  • Restaurant information and reservations.
  • Any aspect related to the city and the patient’s companions.


  • Long distance medical care and follow-up.
  • Follow-up over the phone, by videocall or whatever means is most convenient.
  • Coordination with your doctor in your home country for any matter that may arise.

Request visit

If you want to request a visit, call us at +34 93 238 16 61 or fill out the form you will find at our website so that our medical team can contact you to arrange a first visit or if you are looking for a second opinion, we will look for the most appropriate professional.

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