Clinical Trials

The professional team of doctors and nurses that make up the Clinical Trials Unit of the IOB Institute of Oncology are pioneers in the design and development of clinical trials.

In practical terms, this means that some of the latest technological, scientific and therapeutic advances have come out of IOB Institute of Oncology, making us subject to constant evolution.

We are a leading research center. Thanks to our complete clinical trials program, patients are able to receive the most advanced treatments.

What are clinical trials used for in oncology?

Clinical trials are studies that test new treatments to make sure they are safe and effective by comparing them with the treatment that is considered standard at the moment.

IOB is made up of a team of professionals committed to scientific advancement and who are able to offer our patients treatments that cannot be accessed anywhere else. We offer the opportunity to take part in to all phases of clinical trials from Phase 1 to Phase 4.

Fase 1

Phase 1

Fase 2

Phase 2

Fase 3

Phase 3

Fase 4

Phase 4

Why is it important to take part in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials in oncology are used to resolve doubts regarding certain aspects of the disease, such as forms of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and effects on quality of life. All of this research has allowed us to better understand the disease, develop new diagnostic techniques and bring the opportunity to patients and doctors to have new , safer, specific therapies and drugs that are aimed at fighting each of the different types of cancer identified, and in so doing, developing new ways to fight against cancer.

Taking part in a clinical trial offers the patient the possibility to benefit from innovative treatments that are under research.