Dr. Jose Luis Cuadra, MD

Dr. Jose Luis Cuadra, MD

He centers his interest on the care of patients suffering from digestive neoplasms. His activity is aimed at the diagnosis of and therapeutic approach to digestive tumors, whether in their pharmacological management; in the knowledge of the molecular alterations that provide orientation for personalized treatments; in coordination with doctors from other specializations who are involved in the highly specialized care of this type of tumor; or in the management of the symptoms and complications that this disease causes.

  • Gastrointestinal Tumor and Endocrine Unit, IOB Institute of Oncology


  • He received a degree from the Federico Villarreal National University (Peru) in 2005.
  • Medical Intern Residency at the Archbishop Loayza Hospital, the center of reference in his country in the management of systemic diseases, where he conducted some clinical research studies in different fields of this specialty.
  • MIR in Medical Oncology at the Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol (Catalan Institute of Oncology), where he participated in the integral cancer patient management approach.
  • Graduate in Medical Oncology organized by the University of Girona, in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology. 
  • He is a doctoral student at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


  • Chief resident of the clinical area of his training university (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos).
  • Co-investigator in various clinical trials and active participant in his department’s clinical research.
  • Member of various societies in his specialty.
  • Medical Oncology Associate at his training hospital (digestive tumors).
  • Active in various academic-healthcare activities in his department, as well as in the Hospital Esperit Sant and the Instituto de Oncología Médica Delfos.


Author and co-author of various abstracts, posters, and oral communications at conferences in his specialty; and participant in the process of publishing articles in medical journals, both as author and co-author.

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